Because the web is on a constant 24-hour cycle, community management can be demanding and time-consuming. So I’m always looking for new tools and tricks to make my job a little easier.

I’m also notorious for being a late adopter. You know those people who will wait outside the Apple store for days before the latest iPhone model is released? I’ll never be one of them. I may think their priorities are a little screwed up, but I have nothing against them. My attitude is probably as alien to them as theirs is to me.

Now as odd as this may sound coming from a community manager, I didn’t even have a smart phone until I got an iPhone in April. Even then, I got a very basic 8-gig model, and it’s suited me just fine. To be honest, after six months, I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

OK, so what’s your point, you may be wondering. I’m getting to that.

I was reading some blogs and articles on community management when I found one that deals with the best iPad apps for community managers. Now you’re starting to see where I’m headed. Now as you can imagine, I’m not a huge fan of the iPad. Even when I see one in the wild, my reaction is just “Meh.”

So what I’m wondering is if these tools Elysa Rice (no relation) talks about are that much better than what I’m using now on my laptop and iPhone. And if they are, how much better? Are they a marathon better or just a 5k?

I’d love your opinion – on these tools or technology in general. Just don’t expect to sway me over to the early adopter side. I’m comfortable where I am.

Late to the party?
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One thought on “Late to the party?

  • October 29, 2010 at 4:54 am

    Hiya Derek. I have a quick answer for you… the iPad apps I reviewed are certainly not a marathon better than those on your iPhone. In fact most of the apps I mentioned on my list also work on the iPhone. If you browsed around on Appolocious you may have found I’ve written 18 (as of now) app lists and I have over 200 apps in my library — I like to review and share apps with others. Some of my reviews are for the iPad that I use as a Community Manager because my company bought it for me. While I do love my iPad I don’t think everyone needs them. The majority of what can be done on the iPad can also happen on your trusty iPhone (8g or otherwise). Just my thoughts on the matter.


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