Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, long-neck?

Even though I’m a confessed information junkie, a lot of “facts” I’ve collected over the years are just plain wrong.

Take giraffes, for example. For some long-forgotten reason, I’ve believed that because their necks were so long, giraffes had no vocal cords. Therefore, they can’t make sounds.

Not so, I recently learned.

As it turns out, giraffes can moo, hiss, roar and whistle. The common misconception may stem from the fact that adult giraffes rarely – if ever – make sound. Instead, they rely on their eyesight more than any other sense, and they communicate through body language.

But as you’ll see 1:52 into¬†this video, baby giraffes do make sounds. Loud ones.

Visit this site for  more interesting giraffe facts.

Random fact #2: Speaking of giraffes…

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