I’m a writer and marketing pro specializing in communicating complex or technical issues in a way that is accessible to wider audiences. This creates new business opportunities among those who might otherwise be turned off by jargon or more technical language.

My experience

Following grad school, I took a job as an editor for an IT-focused trade publication, where I was flooded by press releases and other communications. It didn’t take long to recognize a common problem. Many of these were unnecessarily complicated, difficult to read and lacking the critical “so what?” factor. Since transitioning into marketing, I’ve worked to change prevailing mindsets about corporate communication with a goal of moving closer to telling stories with clarity and purpose.

Who I help

I work with clients in the security and tech industries who want to engage with their customers, potential customers and others in a way that cuts through the noise of traditional marketing language and structures to provide compelling information in an easy-to-digest format. I have worked with some of the largest companies in the world, but I’ve also worked with one-person startups who have had great ideas but struggled with how to tell people about them.

My process

Everything starts with a conversation about the basics of a business, product, service, etc. Because of my journalism background, this tends to be structured around who, what, when, where, why and how, with the goal of uncovering a compelling story that deserves to be told. Often this is very different from the client’s preconceived ideas about the story they want to tell. From this conversation, I put together a draft of that story with an eye toward what exactly distinguishes a client’s product or service from others – without the buzzwords and/or hyperbole to which they’ve unfortunately become accustomed.